About Me

Hi! My name is Kuba: I do programming in C++ for a living. After hours I admire its beauty and work on projects in both high-level and embedded domains.


I started coding before the high school. From the first days I knew, that C++ will play a tremendous role in my carrier. After 12 years nothing changed. In my professional work I had a chance to participate in projects from various sectors:

  • industrial factories,
  • smart TVs,
  • PLC (Power Line Communication) networks,
  • energy meters,
  • gas meters,
  • proprietary operating systems,
  • UI applications for marine electronics,
  • plasma power supplies.

Some of them followed the best programming practices, but the others were just unmaintainable pieces of crap. Also, project management approaches varied from democracy, through constitutional monarchy up to tyranny. All those experiences shaped me as a mature software engineer capable of handling projects until the happy end.

C++ has entered a phase of a rapid evolution and has become exciting as never before. Ben Parker from Spider-Man once said:

With great power comes great responsibility.

This statement is especially important in post-C++98 era. When I started this blog I had an ambition to share all my observations and tips, that I learned in my daily work. I hope that it will help both me and you in being a better programmer.

If you have any questions, concerns or proposals for topics to write about – contact me directly. I will be thrilled to learn something new and share that with you in simple words.


Below you can find a brief summary of my professional life. You can also download it as a PDF here.

Polish C++ Standardization BodyTechnical Expert Member09.2018 – now
TRUMPF HuettingerSoftware Engineer01.2019 – now
MobicaSenior Software Engineer09.2017 – 12.2018
Phoenix SystemsOperating System Engineer05.2015 – 07.2017
Samsung Electronics R&DSoftware Engineer03.2014 – 04.2015
Samsung Electronics R&DJunior Software Engineer06.2012 – 02.2014
RRW AutomaticFreelancer12.2011
Samsung Electronics R&DInternship07.2011 – 09.2011
RRW AutomaticFreelancer04.2011

Commercial work

Polish C++ Standardization Body (Technical Expert Member)

  • Reviewing, giving opinion and participating in the development of the ISO C++ standard.

TRUMPF Huettinger (Software Engineer)

  • Design and implementation of a flexible and robust hardware abstraction layer (HAL) for plasma power supplies.
  • Implementation and porting of various device drivers for TI SYS/BIOS and PSDK platforms.
  • Maintenance of coding rules and standards for C++.

Mobica (Senior Software Engineer)

  • Project leader in the core UI feature development for the leading marine electronics vendor.
  • Implementation of a robust QML application for displaying gauges/indicators on the marine MFD.
  • Gathering requirements and use cases.
  • Reverse engineering of a complex embedded firmware in the fire-safety industry.
  • Creating full top to bottom architecture of the analyzed firmware in UML.

Phoenix Systems (Operating System Engineer)

  • Project leader in the commercialization of the Phoenix-RTOS for the gas meters industry.
  • Design and implementation of a real-time operating system (Phoenix-RTOS) for the embedded devices (full user-kernel space and user-space separation with MMU or MPU).
  • Porting POSIX functionality to the Phoenix-RTOS.
  • Custom implementation of the DNS and SNMP stacks (client and server).
  • Porting GCC compiler and Newlib (libc) for the Phoenix-RTOS in official GNU repositories.
  • Design and implementation of the GUI tools for inspecting the PLC (Power Line Communication) networks in a Smart Grid industry.

Samsung Electronics R&D (Software Engineer)

  • Award (2015): Bonus award for the hard work and participation in the Tizen TV project.
  • Award (2014): Highest performance appraisal in the part (~ 20 people) at the end of year.
  • Award (2014): Best employee in the group (~ 80 people).
  • Design and implementation of multiple modules in the SMART TV software upgrade.
  • Integrating software upgrade with the Tizen operating system (embedded Linux).
  • Leader of the internal project with 2 trainees.
  • Leader of the software upgrade component with up to 4-5 programmers.

Samsung Electronics R&D (Junior Software Engineer)

  • Award (2013): Highest performance appraisal in the part (~20 people) at the end of the year.
  • Award (2013): SRPOL 2013 4Q Award.
  • Implementation of the DVB and ISDB analysis tools.
  • Design and implementation of the OTA upgrade transportation protocol for the SMART TV.
  • SMART TV software upgrade development: OTN, OTA, USB.

RRW Automatic (Freelancer)

  • Implementation of the application for configuration of a 3D camera in the Smurfit Kappa factory (dashboards).
  • Training for the users.

Samsung Electronics Poland R&D (Internship)

  • Implementation of a module for analysis and modification of the MPEG-4 DVB streams on the fly.
  • Design of an algorithm to optimize modulator assignments for the users.
  • Implementation of a web administration tool.

RRW Automatic (Freelancer)

  • Implementation of the application co-operating with a vision system in the Nycomed factory (pharmacy) and controlling several production line mechanisms.
  • Training for the users.


Warsaw University of Technology

  • Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology – Computer Science
  • Engineer’s Thesis: Shellcode similarity analysis by means of its execution graph.
  • Masters’s Thesis: Methodology of hiding malicious code from antivirus engines.
  • Award (2013): Graduation with distinction for the Engineer’s Thesis and very good marks.
  • Award (2014): Graduation with distinction for the Master’s Thesis and very good marks.

XIV High School im. Stanisława Staszica in Warsaw

  • Class with the special program in mathematics and computer science.
  • The best high school is Warsaw and Poland according to the Perspektywy ranking.

Private life

You can’t just live to work! Besides computers and technologies I am a big fan of Star Wars and Marvel movies. The first one are accompanied by an enormous expanded universe world described in nearly 200 books that I collect and read one-by-one 🙂 If I really have to go out, then I run or ride my Yamaha FZ6 Fazer around the Poland.